AUGUST 17, 2017

The Meeting opened in short form due to lack of a quorum.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The Financial report was given by Treasurer, Carole Swank.  A motion to accept this report was made by Frank Berger and seconded by David Latorre.


Meeting Minutes: The minutes of the July 20 meeting were accepted with a motion made by Carole Swank and seconded by Frank Berger.

New Map Distribution: Anyone who would like new maps, please see Frank Berger.  Stop at the store or give him a call.  He will deliver.

Community Park Entrance:

Tree Removal:  Frank reported that he removed a tree.  Thank you to him for doing this chore.

Flags—New and Old: Flags are ready for the All Home Days Celebration.  The old flags will be given to the Boy Scouts to retire at their ceremony.

Food Pantry:  Anyone who has anything extra from their garden can donate to the following:

            Harvest Share (Methodist Church)

            Carmelite Monastery—the nuns would be very receptive to donations since they are vegetarians

It was omitted from the July minutes that the Elysburg Food Pantry at the Methodist Church is in need of volunteers to help shop for food pantry items.  If you would like to participate, please call 570-672-2589 for details.

Library Donation: We need to contact them regarding their rules because next year we will be splitting                      our donation and we need to see that we will be included in their memorial publication.


Facebook Page: David Latorre is working on this new project and he reported what has been done so far regarding it.  So those of you who use Facebook can keep looking for our page.  One of these days it will appear.


All Home Days Booklet: This is looking good for this year’s celebration.


All Home Days Breakfast: Breakfast takes place Sunday, September 3, 2017.  Workers report at 7 a.m.--- serving begins at 8 a.m. and continues until 11 a.m.  Menu price is $7 for adults and $4 for children.  Some crew changes have been made which results in some job assignment changes for this year.  Look for a report in next month’s minutes.  It is always very interesting and humorous.

FBLA:  No news was presented on the Fourth Quarter Student of the Marking Period as of the present time.




A motion for adjournment was made by Frank Berger and Seconded by Ann Roadarmel.


Respectfully submitted,



Ann Roadarmel, Secretary