February 15, 2018

The meeting opened in short form due to lack of a quorum.


Meeting Minutes:

Due to the bad weather postponement of our January 18 (postponed until January 25) meeting, our minutes for January’s meeting were accepted by a motion from Carole Swank and a second from Frank Berger.

Financial Report:  The Financial Report was presented by our Treasurer, Carole Swank.  She reported that a deposit of $548 was made from the Christmas Tree Collection Activity.  This included the $100 donation made by the Knights of Columbus.  A motion was made by Frank Berger to accept this report and a second to the motion was made by Ann Roadarmel.  A bill for the forever stamped window envelopes used for our membership drive in the amount of $310.75 was paid.  A motion to this effect was made by Carole Swank and seconded by Ann Roadarmel.

Food Pantry:  David Latorre reported that Thank You notes are being sent to the donors as donations are received.  A motion to donate $500 from the account to each Food Pantry for Easter was made by Frank Berger and seconded by Carole Swank

Eagle Scout Project:  Currently, Joseph Lobos, a boy scout, would like to restore Bear Gap Quaker Cemetery grounds or parts of it, as his Eagle Scout project.  He will be invited to our March meeting to explain his project.  If approved, we will donate $100 to him to be used toward his expenses.

Donation checks to Fire Departments and to the Elysburg Library as a Memorial Fund for past members of the RTBA and their families will be taken care of by President Frank Berger and Treasurer Carole Swank.


Map Review:  It is now time to check over and see if changes need to be made in our maps for 2018.  It was mentioned that we may not need to have as many maps printed as in previous years.


Scholarship:  Letters to the schools have been sent and reminders will be going out.  If there is anyone who would like to be part of this committee please notify President Frank Berger.  Essays for the scholarships are due March 14..

Membership:  Letters have been mailed.  The tentative deadline has been established as March 31, 2018 to give ample time to proof and print the 2018/2019 Elysburg free map.


Miscellaneous Information:  Anyone who is interested in serving as an officer of our Association and in taking a more active part in our activities is needed.  Please notify President Frank Berger of your interest.  Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. 

Please look at our new Facebook page for more information.

NEXT MEETING IS March 15, 2018.


A motion for adjournment was made by Frank Berger and seconded by Ann Roadarmel.

Respectfully submitted,


Ann Roadarmel, Secretary