January 18/25, 2017

The Meeting opened in short form due to lack of a quorum.  The January meeting had to be postponed from the 18th to the 25th due to winter storms, illnesses, and inability for some officers to attend.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The Financial report was presented by President Frank Berger due to the illness of our treasurer, Carole Swank.   A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Ann Roadarmel and seconded by David Latorre.  It is hoped that our Food Pantry donations will increase as soon as our dues letters and requests for food pantry donations are mailed.  One bill for $47.51 was reported as the cost of the Pizzas & Donuts for the Christmas Tree Pickup workers.


Meeting Minutes:  Due to a flaw in the distribution of the minutes, our October’s minutes were not received by members so a motion was made to delay the vote for their acceptance until our next meeting which will be in January of 2018.  January 18/25 minutes were also accepted with this same motion made by Frank Berger and seconded by David Latorre.

Christmas Tree Pickup:  President Berger reported that $388 has been collected from the Christmas Tree Pickup so far.  It was a very icy day and so another day is needed to do the shredding of the last of the trees.  Words from our President regarding the events of the day:

Our tree pick up was another event to remember.  Without all the help from the regulars and the non RTBA members this could never happen.  Year after year the organization benefits from community help from dedicated folks both young and old.  Those young guys sure do make it look easy.

Many thanks to

Vought’s Equipment Rental, two trucks and trailer, wood chipper (to be use later due to the ice and snow, we will be chipping all the trees on a Saturday to be announced.  Great chance to get involved.  Driving vehicles and hanging on trailers Bill Griffiths, Jennifer Young, David Jerimiah, Angelo Foti, Branden Ciocco, Adam Feudale.  Could not get it done without them.

Knoebel’s Lumber provide a steak bed truck with Mike driving and Joe working hard picking trees.  They covered a lot of town as they always do getting it done.

Brian Hubler and trailer clearing Overlook and surrounding area.

Frank Berger and trailer had a truck load of help with Dave Latorre, Jason Zimmerman and “new guy” Rick Roughton doing a lot of training and solving the worlds problems.

Joe Stone continued to be our Banker on site, stacking all the donations.

Special thanks to Chief Stu providing an escort for the Market St and Penn Ave pick up with no accidents.

We are keeping Mike Krepshaw, Jason Berger and Frosty Peters in reserve for the chipping weekend.


Certainly without all the help and the young guys letting us old guys stay in the trucks really works out .  Donations were very slim and we are hoping for a strong mail in effort from our thankful community.  Time will tell….

All the tree are scheduled for the shredder on Saturday the 17th starting at 8:30 AM at the park.  Find the trees and we will be there.  If you can come please let me know.  Lots of help will make that big pile of trees a little easier to get through.

Thank you letters have been sent to the young men who helped with this effort.

Mulch is currently still at the Ralpho Township Community Park.

Christmas Decorations:  Decorations at the park entrance, etc. will be removed by our next meeting.

Santa’s Mailbox:  No feedback has been received regarding the number of letters that were received, etc.



Donations and Review Process:  This will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Food Pantry:  Thank you notes for all donations will be sent as donations are received.

Eagle Scout Project:  Jason Lobos is looking at the Quaker Church in Bear Gap for his Eagle Scout Project.  We will be discussing his interest and our participation at our next meeting.  Action will be taken on our decision regarding his project immediately.


Membership:  Letters will be mailed as soon as possible.

Scholarship:  Letters to the schools have been sent.

FBLA:  Chairman, David Latorre, has announced that Katelyn Kuijpurs is the next recipient of the Student of the Marking Period who will be receiving our donation.  She has been an FBLA member for all four years of High School and made States all four years.

Miscellaneous Information:  Anyone who is interested in serving as an officer of our Association and in taking a more active part in our activities is needed.  Please notify President Frank Berger of your interest.  Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated. 

Please look at our new Facebook page for more information.



A motion for adjournment was made by Frank Berger and seconded by Carole Swank.

Respectfully submitted,


Ann Roadarmel, Secretary