July 19, 2018

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

We then followed through our meeting in short form due to lack of a quorum.


Meeting Minutes:  The meeting minutes for June 21st were accepted with a motion by Frank Berger and a second by Carole Swank.  Our June minutes were the last complied by Ann Roadarmel.  Ann has been doing these minutes since 2005.  There was a lot of discussion and thanks to Ann for all her hard work and dedication to the Association.  She will be missed for her effort on the minutes but also for her updates on what all is happening in our community.


THANK YOU !!!! Ann Roadarmel


Financial Report:  The Financial Report was given by Treasurer, Carole Swank. 

A motion to accept it was made by Frank Berger and seconded by Dan Latorre.


New Maps : We finalized the membership list for the maps and Susan Adams (membership chairman)has  forwarded that list to the printers.  There will be 2000 copies printed for distribution. The membership committee will look at possibly of including a map with the prospect list mailing. The additional weight might bump the letter costs up, it will be further discussed before the mailing is done.


Thank You Note:  As you know the association help fund an Eagle project for scout Joseph Lobos.  The scout sent us a finished picture of his project at the Bear Gap Cemetery and a Thank You note for our donation.

Trauma Kits for Southern:  Frank Berger contacted Mr Paul Caputo to get a feel for what the school needs to finish the project.  It was reported that the school is seeking 24 trauma bags at a cost just under $4500.00.   The school has received donations totally $3000.00 to date.

Scouts for Community Park entrance:  Frank Berger reached out to Scott Kramer the current scout master and talk to him about having the scouts put up and take down the flags at the entrance. 



Thank You to Ann Roadarmel:  The group had a discussion as to what the association should do for Ann for all the years of dedicated service.  It was decided to get her a $50.00 Gift card to her favorite restaurant.  Frank Berger will call Ann’s daughter Beth and find out which restaurant and get the certificate.  A plan was hatched to give it to her at the nightly neighbor meeting in her development.


A motion to get a $50.00 gift certificate was made by Frank Berger and seconded by Carole Swank.


New Secretary: If there is no volunteer to fill Ann’s position, Frank Berger will call from the list of possible candidates that the group complied.



All Home day Breakfast:  Prices were set at $7.00 for adults and $4.00 for children to standardize with the other groups serving breakfast on Saturday and Monday.  Our effort still is on Sunday morning September 2nd.  If you can volunteer please contact Frank Berger to have you name added to the “crew”.  See us on Facebook 😊😊Breakfast work starts at 7:00 AM and serving from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM or until we run out of “stuff”.

FBLA:  It was also reported by David Latorre that three students from the club attended the National Leadership Competition at Baltimore.


NEXT MEETING August 16, 2018



A motion for adjournment was made by Frank Berger and seconded by David Latorre.

Respectfully submitted,


Frank Berger