April 20, 2017

The meeting opened in short order due to lack of a quorum.


Meeting Minutes:

The minutes of the March meeting were approved on a motion by Susan Adams and a second by Frank Berger.

Financial Report:

The Financial Report was given by Treasurer, Carole Swank.A motion to accept it was made by Ann Roadarmel and seconded by Susan Adams.Carole reported that the total amount received from the Christmas Tree Collection was $751.00.

Food Pantry:

Just a reminder to all members:If you are planting a garden this year, please include an extra row or two for the Food Pantry.They are in need of the produce and appreciate your efforts very much.



Review of Membership List:As of this date, we have 70 members on our roster for the ensuing year.Our cutoff date was April 28.Some calls were made to those who were a little late in renewing their membership.A big thank you is extended to Susan Adams for the smooth running membership drive.A vote on the new members will be conducted at next monthís meeting.

Community Clean Sweep Yard SaleóMay 20:Our President Frank Berger will be checking out our signs and see if they need repairs.It was reported that several of the entrance to the town signs need repairing due to damage from the snow plowings.These signs will be removed for next year and new sites for them will have to be decided upon, since they have been hit by snow plows in previous years also.The Elysburg Fire Department will be doing inside sales sites again this year.If anyone is interested in renting space indoors, please contact the Fire Department.

Township Maps:The color of the maps this year will be Salmon, printing cost will be $881.00 for 3,000 maps.We should have them in our possession for delivery by the May meeting.




Membership:Chairperson, Susan Adams has reported that the membership drive for the ensuing year is now completed.

Scholarship:Chairperson, Frank Berger reported that the scholarship interviews have been scheduled for Thursday,April 27 at 9 a.m.and the winner will be announced at our May Meeting.Letters will be sent to the applicants, newspapers will be notified and the check will be presented May 18.

FBLA Update:The winner of our third quarter Student of the Month award is Jessica Henricks.Pictures will be taken and sent to newspapers as is our usual custom.





A motion for adjournment was made by Frank Berger and seconded by Carole Swank.


Respectfully submitted,




Ann Roadarmel, Secretary